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Raleigh Custom Home Builder

Tired of coming home to those "little boxes" on the hill? Us too! That's exactly why we started building custom homes. Have you been evaluating your options when it comes to selecting a Raleigh custom home builder? If so, that's great we're going to tell you why we're one of the best custom home builders in the Raleigh area.

There's a number of reasons why our custom homes exceed the expectations of their owners. The first reason being our dedication to your vision. We don't rely on simple words and/or contracts to paint your vision. Our team knows technology. From design to production, we have the tools to properly paint your vision (literally) and track change orders and project deliverables.

How to ensure success. | Renovatia's Secret - Raleigh Custom Home Builder

Our process is simple:

  1. You'll meet with us to discuss your vision and new home (the initial consultation).
  2. We'll create a detailed estimate and 3-D rendering of your new custom home.
  3. We'll work together in design to ensure your concerns are taken into consideration.
  4. We'll be onsite throughout your custom home's construction to ensure expectations are met.
  5. And we'll meet with you at completion to be certain you're satisfied.

What other Raleigh custom home builder has you at the center of their work? Unmet expectations is not an option and oftentimes the reason why custom homes fall short of the owner's vision. We've made sure this won't happen to you.  Contact us today, and let's get started planning your home custom home.